Guide to Online Psychology Schools

Guide to Online Psychology Schools

There are many reasons to gain a higher education in psychology, to learn more about how people think and behave. And there are as many types of students desiring a psychology degree as there are reasons to pursue one. For those students who are hindered in their education by careers, family obligations, or simply no access to a traditional psychology program, there is now a very feasible, practical, and affordable avenue to a psychology degree through online psychology programs.

How Online Psychology Programs Work

Obviously, a psychology practitioner that can't successfully interact with people won't be much help. So online psychology programs are especially careful to make instructors accessible and classmates correspond, encouraging more of a forum atmosphere for psychology learners.

"The very best thing about online learning is that a student can't sit in the back of the class and not participate," said Dr. Elizabeth Tice, Provost of Ashford University. "We track both attendance (log-ins) and participation, which are integral to the program. Our students take part in class discussions, complete objective assessments, and are given a weekly lecture-all online. The instructors respond to questions within 36 to 48 hours, and grade papers within 72 hours. The students really enjoy the consistency of the program."

Schools also try to offer students both good psychological theory and practical experience.

"We use a scholar-practitioner model, meaning that our entire faculty have worked or currently are working in their field. Also, all faculty members have doctoral degrees, and they are instrumental in developing courses. Those factors combine to deliver the best blend of theory and practical application," said Dr. Garvey House, Dean of the Harold Abel School of Psychology at Capella University.

Schools also strive to provide challenging and versatile learning options and accommodate students with a flexible schedule.

"Our master's programs are aligned with the national standards of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), and we even offer students a free course so that they can determine if the learning format is a good choice for them," said House. “We have an asynchronous (not time-coordinated) program, so online learners don't have to be anywhere at any specific time."

Online Schools and Programs Offered for Psychology Students

Psychology is a course of study with many online opportunities, on various levels. Here is a list of some available programs:

Paying for an Online Education

Online psychology courses are usually more affordable than traditional pathways for a number of reasons. They often attract working professionals, and are not burdened by the costs associated with a physical campus.

"We tend to appeal to business and management professionals-many of our students are in a profession, but want to understand people better," said Tice.


Online psychology degrees are an excellent, viable, and practical method for students to overcome difficulties and achieve their career goals, while making a contribution to the health of advisees.

"Our mission is accessibility and affordability," said Tice. "In the end, the online factor is almost invisible. The student ends up with a valuable diploma and a transcript like any conventional graduate."

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